Cold Peeps


Sudden Force

Control Procedure:
As with all good experimentation, we started with a control. Here, see the effects of "sudden force" on a room temperature peep...



Experimental Procedure:

Next, of course, we had to get the Peeps cold. Now, we could have placed them in a refrigerator for a while, but we didn't feel like waiting.


So, we filled a bucket with liquid nitrogen (what else?) and dropped the Peep in.


The Peep was submerged in the -210 C nitrogen for about 60 seconds.


Upon removal, gentle pressure was applied...


...and the results evaluated.



Taken together these data explain the previous observation that peeps are rarely found in polar regions (Falcon, Zimring 1994 submitted for publication*). The presence of peeps in such an environment would clearly lead to disastrous results as illustrated above.


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