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We, of course, are not the only one striving for the increase and diffusion of knowledge (apologies to Mr. James Smithson...)

Peeps and Science: At last, our scientific colleagues are taking notice of this often marginalized organism.

NASA - Voyage of the Peep-o-nauts: Last April, two brave teams of Peeps were on board NASA's weather balloons to collect data about meteroids in the stratosphere. (Really! Go look -- we're not making this up!!)

Scientific Journeys: Not all great research involves Peeps, as shown by many of the following.

The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S Project: Our colleagues at Rice have been working hard to characterize the properties of these cakey treats. Their experiments include gravitational response, solubility, radiation, oxidation, resistivity, maximum density, and the Turing intelligence test. It is truly an inspiration to see others pursuing basic science with such enthusiasm! A fantastic expose addressing the question "how much is inside?" So far, they've looked at shaving cream, toothpaste, whipped cream and easy cheese.

Twinkie Resistivity Test II: Inspired by The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project, these bold scientists have successfully utilized the long-standing tradition known as 'up the voltage.'

The Stinkymeat Project: Examine what happens when researchers study 3 kinds of meat over 19 days in the yard of their unsuspecting neighbor.

Characterization of Organic Illumination Systems (Electric Pickles): A fully documented, scientific study examining pickles and bok-choy as light-producing sources under application of electric current.

Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow Torches: As explained by the authors, "Last year, an article by well-known newspaper columnist Dave Barry noted that Kellogg's Strawberry Pop Tarts (SPTs) could be made to emit flames "like a blow torch" if left in a toaster too long... The present work describes our independent verification and experience with SPT-based combustion."

Fun With Grapes: A Case Study: From the same authors that brought you the Pop-Tart experiments. Learn to create an exciting pyrotechnics display with just a few common kitchen components.

Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division: A brilliant and compelling scientific work, detailing the risks and benefits of this ever-present chemical.

Cooking Hamburgers and Lighting the Grill: by George Goble. This site includes photos, movies, and sounds detailing the effectiveness of liquid oxygen as lighter fluid. (Yes, liquid oxygen is used as rocket fuel. Yes, it is indeed effective for lighting a grill).

Scientific AmeriKen: Featuring a new scientific study every two weeks, using actual scientific method to determine pressing questions such as whether static electricity can kill a bug and whether ripened or unripe fruit is better equipped for surviving an explosion.

Bunny Survival Tests: More experimentation on Just Born products.

Peep-specific sites: Links for those of you who have an affinity for these cute little sugar balls but are interested in the humanistic, artistic, culinary, or profane aspects of these critters.

Lord of the Peeps An innovative re-telling of the classic Tolkien novel. Peter Jackson has nothing on these guys (except a possible intellectual property lawsuit...)

Peep Show: Despite the potentially scary URL and site name, this excellent site showcases the art of David Ottogalli, who creates original works using a variety of marshmallow candies. Imagine, the "natural" colors weren't vibrant enough, so he often spray-paints Peeps to make them brighter.

Dr. Fun's Peep-O-Rama 2003 A collection of peep cartoons for your amusement.

Peep Cinema: Get the latest scoop on the upcoming film, "Bad Peeps." As explained by the director, "The stories shown in the movie will hopefully accurately convey the dark side of the Peep world. I don't want to get into the psychology too much, but I feel a brief explanation of Peep behavior is needed for those not accustomed to Peeps."

The Peep Gallery: Approximately 20 photos featuring Peeps in a variety of still-life and action scenarios. The juxtaposition of good and evil images, mastery of shading, shadows and composition, and the well chosen Peep colors which alternately contrast and blend with the varied environments make this a truly beautiful site to behold.

Peep Art: Peeps are used to create works in post-modern, impressionist, and surrealist styles.

Other food product sites: Interestingly, many Peep enthusiasts also have a deep interest in the varied worlds of SPAM, Twinkies, Zingers, and an array of techno-confectionary goods. Here are some sites to feed your hunger.

Church of SPAM: The original innovators, combining theology, western culture, and pig parts in one juicy, flavorful site. Begin attending today!

SPAM Haiku: A truly inspired site, with over 7200 submissions (categorized) and links to SPAM limericks and other poetry.

Food Humor: This site contains one of the most comprehensive lists of humor links on the Internet. Of course, they don't have this page yet...

Find The SPAM: A site for those who appreciate the mysteries of canned-meat and have been frustrated with Where's Waldo books.

Olestera/Olean Inspired Poetry: The poetry really isn't that great, but I was impressed that a site dedicated to this newest of scientific breakthroughs was up already.


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